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Ask the Pro's who have the Universal Alignment Golf ball:

Ben Doyle
, PGA, Head Teaching Pro Quail Lodge, one of the Top 30 Teachers in the World, thinks the ball is brilliant and has introduced the ball to one of his students:

Steve Elkington PGA touring pro.

Joe Danials, PGA Owner and head teacher of The Golfing Machine. The ball goes well with his new Impact bag.

Ron Sharpe, PGA Head Pro Hammock Dunes, short game specialist. "I agree with all the principles that the ball is based on...."

Tom Shea, PGA Head golf Pro Harvard University. " of the best golf inventions I've ever seen..."

Douglas Duchateau, PGA teaching Professional, Precision Golf School, Fiddlers Green, Golfing Machine Teacher.

Chuck Cook, PGA Saw the ball at the MIT Golf and Technology Conference. 2006, and at the Golfing Machine Summit 2007. Liked the concept.

Martin Hall, PGA could see how it would help teach alignment.

Christopher Smith, PGA Teaching Professional Pumpkin Ridge, Nike Golf Associate.

John Weaver, PGA,

Rick Penny, One Motion Basketball.


Ask the Media Professionals who like the ball:

Jim Achenbach, Editor Golf Week

Emmet Lougran, Director Golf Channel

Dave Wirth, Anchorman Channel WTSB Tampabay's' 10

Mike Strachura, Editor Golf Digest, He saw the ball at the MIT Golf and Technology Conference in 2006.

"CB" Maxwell, Writer Golf Today, Owner Maxwell Media Marketing, ING Member

Mario Livio, PHD Author of the Golden Ratio.


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