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The Universal Alignment™® A-1-Alpha is the first Patented golf ball that will help you with all 7 Alignments in a golf shot. Imagine, 18 Putts and 18 tee shots with perfect alignment; think of how that will help all the shots in between...[USD #525669S]

HOW TO USE THE Universal Alignment™® BALL.


The Universal Alignment™® Golf Ball is simple because it's true.

This ball's alignment marks represent what is actually going on in the game of golf and it shows you how to learn and improve. Its what good golfers do but most can't explain.

"Simplicity" is a function of understanding. Never substitute ignorance and incompleteness for knowledge. The game of golf is knowable, you just have to "know" what to know. That's real simplicity!

The use of the ball takes a grand total of 5 minutes to understand. Take a moment and learn just three golf alignments and three skills for the ball's use. This small effort will be worth it, your game will become simpler and more consistent than you could ever imagine.

It takes one round to integrate all the skills you need to use the ball. Imagine, 18 Tee shots and 18 putts, all with perfect alignment (What would that do to your score?) To become a master of the ball keep the principles in mind all the time. Just: "Be the ball from this moment on!"



The big benefits of the Universal Alignment™® Golf Ball is it teaches you how to learn a task.

The Three Baby Steps to running with the pros:

  • One-Concept Understanding, get an idea what its about.
  • Two-Distracted Practice, train the mind to stay on task. Its not how long you are on task, its how many times you return to the task
    during practice.
  • Three-Integrated Execution. Get the use of the ball into your existing pre-swing routine. Just do it again and again so you don't have to remember to do it because doing it will be automatic.

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